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The Just Transition Community ( justtransitionak.org) is building a shared visionary path for Alaska by addressing the growing political, economic, and ecological crises that we are facing. The goals of this community are to inspire and catalyze action, connect and elevate partnerships, amplify the immediate needs of our communities, and to create shared language across sectors.

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As we move forward into 2021, we recognize that we have grown together through the ups and downs of this unprecedented year. Our collective work to build out a Just Transition Alaska continues strongly while the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the globe to come to a halt. During these difficult times, we count on the energy of our communities as well as the support of donors. Help advance a Just Transition in Alaska, donate to one of our partner organizations or fiscal sponsor, Native Movement, today! 

Hello everyone! 

My name is Alex Aqavzik Rexford and I’m super excited to join the AK Just Transition Collective as this year’s organizing fellow. 
I look forward to connecting with you all over these upcoming months!

Most recently, I was the  AK Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) Summer Fellow for Utqiagvik; which introduced me to the world of grassroots organizing and enabled me to take the first major step into my Indigenous leadership.

Additionally, I learned what it looks like to build community by working closely with  Native Movement and  Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic (SILA); a radical, Indigenous lead grassroots movement centered around creating healthy communities on the Arctic Slope. This fellowship also provided me with the unique opportunity to unearth my roots as an Iñupiaq person and connect with my ancestral lands.

During these trying times, I’ve stayed grounded in this work by leaning on the love and support of everyone in this movement. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this community and included in these spaces of creating change for future generations. Coming from two communities with very different views on land and water protection, I bring a deep understanding of the need to shift from an extractive economy toward one that is just and sustainable for all. I look forward to working with everyone in the collective and advancing the movement!


Climate Change and a Vision for Alaska

Online Film Premier August 6, 2020

July 16, 2020 •  Last summer we saw record heat in Alaska. Wildfires scorched our homelands. This year, many of our tribal communities experienced unprecedented flooding and families are struggling to put fish away for the winter. These are the realities that we are currently living in.

Our seasons are interconnected, and we cannot afford another season without climate justice action. As caretakers of the lands and waters, we need to allow our homelands to heal and return to balance. Returning to balance means uplifting Indigenous knowledge and worldviews through building localized solutions, making reparations with Indigenous peoples and communities, and thinking about the next 10,000 years. 

Everyone has a climate story to tell. From flooding and erosion of our riverbanks, changing fish camp stories, wildfires, having to change our traditional hunting areas to growing our own food sources. We are reaching out to you – Alaskans – to start sharing your climate story through new and creative ways. Capture your story in the climate storybank with Native People’s Action and call on your legislators to take bold action for climate justice.

Alaska’s First Just Transition Summit:

 In January 2020 The Alaska Just Transition Summit facilitated Indigenous and non-Indigenous collaboration to build critical thinking around economic and social transition, construct a popular shared vision for the future, and create collective strategies that can move us forward.

As individual organizations and a collective, we work to incorporate the Defend the Sacred Alaska Principles and  Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing into our efforts.