January 8th

Brunch served at 10 AM

Opening Prayer, Welcome, Grounding

Alaska Plenary Panel: Remembering Forward – Recognizing the past to inform solutions today.  

* Break *

Keynote Address:
Winona LaDuke

Uplifting Indigenous place-based
knowledge systems while shaping
regenerative economies

Closing + Next Steps

Dinner and Cultural Celebration

January 9th

Breakfast 8am to 9am

Morning Welcome and Intentions

Plenary Presentation: What is Just Transition?

Concurrent Sessions: 

Community Just Transition Strategies from Across Alaska 

Keynote Address:
Michael Guerro

Union Leadership in Just Transition

Dinner + Celebration

January 10th

Breakfast 8am to 9am

Morning Welcome

Welcome & Intentions

Keynote Address:
Ernestine Hayes & Ruth Miller

The Power of Organizing for Change 

Concurrent Sessions: 

Reclaiming Power: Energy & Governance 

Community Closing:

Connection and Action in Your Community