Featured Artists at The Summit

Melissa Shaginoff

Melissa Shaginoff is part of the Udzisyu (caribou) and Cui Ui Ticutta (fish-eater) clans from Nay’dini’aa Na Kayax (Chickaloon Village). She grew up on the southern coast of Alaska where she learned the lifeways of her cousins the Dena’ina. Melissa is an Ahtna and Paiute person, an artist, a curator and a social activist. She is currently the Curator of Contemporary Indigenous Art and Culture at the Anchorage Museum.

Apay’uq Moore

Apay’uq Moore is a Yupik artist from Bristol Bay. Her work primarily focuses on the Yupik way of life and what she loves about her people and homeland. Her life is her work and inspiration is drawn from life experiences and relationships. She loves using bright colors to reflect the life joy she focuses on for most of her paintings.

Sarah Whalen Lunn

Sarah Whalen Lunn is a Inupiaq multimedia artist and mother living in Anchorage Alaska. Her work is her way of processing the world around her and often draws from the hardship and beauty we face as modern Indigenous people. She works in large scale painting, wood block print, mosaic, public art and specializes in Traditional Inuit tattooing. When not creating she spends time with her husband and 5 children.

Essie Bean

My name is Essie Bean and I am a Yup’ik artist based in Bethel, Alaska who works in ink, watercolor, and digital artwork. I often take inspiration from traditional design, stories, and practices of Yup’ik culture.

Amber Webb

Amber Webb is a Yup’ik artist/activist from Dillingham, Alaska. She grew up spending time in both rural and urban settings as a native person of mixed Yup’ik and Unangan. In 2018, she was awarded a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Project Award for a 12 ft qaspeq to honor MMIWG in North America. Her work visually explores the effects of colonization and the evolution and strength of indigenous people after genocide and intergenerational trauma through portraiture and textiles.